Vaporizer, Shisha2Go und E-Liquids BY XEO 

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XEO Vapor Starterkits

With the powerful XEO Vaporizer StarterKits you will find the perfect companion for your vape-experience.

XEO E-Liquids

So tasty with its variety in fruity, minty or creamy flavors.Choose between a brought spectrum of nicotinic or nicotine-free, high-quality E-Liquids.

XEO E-Shishas

The completely nicontine-free Shisha2Go product-line invites you to exciting new flavor-adventures. Enjoy the authentic shisha flavor.  

XEO E-Cigarettes

Disposable E-Cigs in a modern design that will have you convinced by its authentic look and feeling.

XEO – new, but unequaled

The vaping market is consistently growing and in its midst there is a German Start-Up company that is giving the market a new spin.  Coming from Hanover, XEO has already proven to take on a leading role in the development of TPD2-compliant and foremost high-quality products. Having a range from classic E-Cigarettes to the new vaping hardware and E-Liquids, XEO is significantly evolving the lifestyle products. 

Especially with our E-Liquids, we accomplished to develope new flavors that are unheard of in the market. With the high-quality Pharma Grade Nicotine USP / PH EUR Standard we lead in product-quality.
Don’t be shy and try our products! 

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XEO products are the right choice!

14 day return policy
One year guarantee for  XEO E-Cig and Vaporizer batteries
Fast delivery
No tar, no ashes, no fire!
No cigarette smell, no discoloration of teeth
About 70% of savings in comparisson to common cigarettes.

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